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Traditional Mexican cuisine & healthy food choices is what we're all about in Foley, AL

Time-tested traditional Mexican cuisine
When you come in to dine at Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, you've chosen the Foley, AL's finest Mexican restaurant! When you open our menu, you'll not only find the very best in traditional Mexican food, but healthy food choices everywhere you turn. We only use the finest, freshest ingredients in our dishes, and always prepare your meal to order every time!

Traditional recipes

The difference in the food at Vallarta Mexican Restaurant doesn't just come from using the finest and freshest ingredients, most of them grown right here in Foley. It's also about the traditional Mexican recipes we rely on. When you combine today's cooking techniques with the taste of old Mexico, you end up with healthy food choices that will have you begging for more every time you come in! 

Terrific atmosphere

When you want to dine out with friends, colleagues or family in Foley, you want a place that won't only fill you up, but will give you an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy yourselves! At Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, you'll find just that - an atmosphere you can sink yourself into without having to worry about the outside world for a while. Add to the atmosphere all the healthy food choices on our menu and you'll feel the stress melting away! Our staff is ready to serve you, so come see us right now!

Total satisfaction

If there's one thing we pride ourselves on, it's complete customer satisfaction. From the time you walk through the door to the time we have to say Adios, we want to make sure that you've had the very best dining experience this side of the border. From our healthy food choices to our friendly staff, we're here in Foley to serve you. If you have any issues at all, let us know on the spot, and we'll make it right!
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